Classic Window Design

Time-Tested Tradition

Classic Window DesignTilt-in top and bottom sashes give our double-hung window the cornerstone on easy upkeep. Just simply tilt the sash in to clean both sides of the glass from the comfort of your home. Our single-hung windows feature tilt-in bottom sashes. You’ll also appreciate the high-performance features and weather-tight fit of this masterfully crafted window. Its timeless style and aesthetic appeal will lend a touch of refinement to any home design.

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  • A fusion welded sash and mainframe structure for added strength and rigidity. Tough, extra-thick extrusion walls provide the ultimate in welding strength.
  • Multi-wall extrusion for superior strength and structural integrity.
  • Interlock at sash meeting rails create a super-tight seal against air infiltration, providing security, comfort and well being.
  • Full-capture sill enhances protection from water and air infiltration. * Drop-in glazing provides energy efficiency as well as interior aesthetic appeal.
  • Double barrier-fin weatherstripping at sash sides helps keep out dirt and noise, and protects against air infiltration.
  • A constant force balance system that eliminates sash cords, weights and pulleys and provides easy fingertip operation.
  • Hidden screen track produces clean lines and added beauty.

Exquisite Detail

The exquisite detail of our double-hung window does more than just convey classic beauty – it delivers outstanding strength and protection as well as superior energy efficiency.

Weathertight Fit

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