Outward-Swing Window Design

Full View, Full Ventilation

Casement Windows

When you think of windows as a style element in your home, you’ll see why casements deserve strong consideration. The handsome construction, ample glass exposure and gentle outward opening of the sash impart refreshing ventilation and appeal. Performance-engineered for excellent weatherability, our casements also boast fusion-welded mainframe and sashes and energy insulating components for year-round comfort. A multi-point locking system ensures a tight fit and added thermal protection.

  • Beveled exterior sash design gives the window the appearance of a larger glass area with an attractive slimline look
  • Step-down frame with compression-type inner bulb seal provides a tight seal during inclement weather
  • State-of-the-art hinge system provides multi-directional ventilation and allows sash cleaning from inside the home
  • Positive crank mechanism permits easy operation when opening and closing the sash
  • Multi-point locking system ensures a tight fit and added security
  • Multiple lite configurations available in single mainframe

Timeless Design With a Modern-Day Feel

This timeless window takes on a modern-day feel with its impeccably styled frame and low-profile nesting handle. The effect in any room is both charming and refined.

Outward Swing Windows

Twin Casement Window