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A REAL warranty can be worth its weight in gold.  Unfortunately, most people find out in the middle of their “crisis” that the warranty for the products or services they purchased are worthless.  It’s true.  Once you navigate through the fine print, you’ll discover that the word “Lifetime” really means a pro-rated warranty for just a few short years, on just a few parts and pieces.  A companies products are only as good as the warranty that backs them.

Believe it or not, there are several companies in our industry that will not leave you a copy of their warranty.  Can you guess why?  It’s simple, they cannot afford for you to read it. Feel free to test what we are sharing with you.  As you are gathering quotes, we recommend at least 3, ask the person giving you the estimate to tell you about their warranty. Then after they go “on and on” about how wonderful it is, and as soon as they catch their breath, ask if they will be leaving a copy behind for you to read at your leisure.  We promise, you will catch most of them by surprise, at which point you will receive varied excuses why they are unable to leave you a copy at that time.  That should be a big red flag to you.

A reputable company with a REAL Lifetime Warranty will not only discuss how it benefits your family, but will leave a copy of it along with their estimate for you to explore at your leisure.  In fact, helping you see the value, or lack of, that a warranty possesses is the purpose of this section of our website.  Below you will find some key points to look for when considering the true value of a warranty.


  1. Read carefully a warranty that takes more than the front of one page to explain its benefits.
  2. Make ABSOLUTE certain the warranty covers the installation part of your project.  This is so important because that’s what a large portion of future problems are attributed to.
  3. Make sure the Labor is covered for a Lifetime.
  4. Make sure all materials, parts and pieces are covered for a Lifetime.
  5. If yours is a window project, check that you are also covered a Lifetime on important items such as; seal failure, accidental glass breakage and screen repair.
  6. If yours is a siding project, check that you are also covered a Lifetime on important items such as; color fade, all accessories, trim pieces, and site inspection.
  7. Make sure there are no “service call” charges or deductibles.
  8. Be aware that if a company offers different types and styles of windows or siding, that you are getting the warranty for that particular product and not something else they may have shown or told you about.
  9. If they can’t leave a copy with you during their visit, just remember there is usually a reason why.
  10. Finally, if a sales person attempts to sell you a product or service by using “high pressure” tactics or numerous “make believe” price discounts, then know their warranty never had a chance to begin with.

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Our Warranties

Click on one of the small images below to open a full-size, printable copy of our warranty that you can keep and read at your own leisure.

Replacement Window Warranty

Window Warranty

Siding Warranty

Siding Warranty

Sunrooms Warranty

Sunroom Warranty