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Our Cedar Pride style shake transform ordinary into extraordinary. Envelop your home in the warm tones and rustic splendor. This gorgeous profile creates a natural and noticeable proclamation of authenticity that is unmatched in today’s marketplace. Exteria’s Cedar Pride, with its 9-inch shingle exposure and realistic staggered edge, welcomes you to your personal oasis each and every time you return home.

Our Cape Cod Perfection style shake makes a statement without saying a word. It conjures up images of breathtaking New England coastlines. You can hear the waves crashing, the seagulls braying above the water, and people enjoying the crisp, brilliant days on the coast. Regardless of where you live, the 4 1/2″ shingle exposure of Cape Cod Perfection flawlessly mimics the clean, crisp look of white cedar shingles dotted throughout the Cape.

Our Rough Sawn Cedar style shake is so authentic you’ll think you smell cedar. You’ve earned the home of your dreams. Whether it’s a cottage on the water, a cabin in the woods, or a home in a peaceful neighborhood, you deserve the well-crafted, classic appearance of Exteria’s Rough Sawn Cedar. Its 6 1/2″ shingle exposure provides the uncomplicated and timeless look of rough cut individual shingles that will make you feel like you’re getting away from it all every time you come home.

Our Hand-Split Shake allows you to enjoy the hardy beauty of the forest, the refreshing feel of a cool breeze, and spending time on your porch enjoying all nature has to offer. Exteria’s hand-split shake perfectly captures nature’s imperfect beauty and character for you to enjoy for years to come. The rugged appearance of hand-split shake is captured in its 8 3/4″ shingle exposure that showcases deeply-grained panels that have as much personality and presence as the stately cedar trees they impersonate.

We would value the opportunity to show you a sample of the incredible products and as always, an in-home consultation and estimate is available at no cost to you. Just give us a call to schedule your first step toward an awesome home transition.

Nature Couldn’t Do It Better

Vinyl Cedar Shake siding is a very popular choice with homeowners.  Our partnership with Exteria Building Products enables us to offer affordable pricing on the most realistic looking vinyl cedar shake in the marketplace today.

When designing your new or renovated home, there are many things to consider. but your home’s exterior – specifically its curb appeal – undoubtedly make the biggest, most immediate visual and resale impact.  We can help you create that enviable home with our unique selection of exterior designs that combine authenticity numerous color and style option.

Vinyl Siding Cross Section View

Vinyl Shake Siding Detail

Vinyl Shake Siding Detail